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CONTRACT FOR VIDEOGRAPHY SERVICES This agreement (“Agreement”) along with a signed Project Brief constitutes a binding contract for our videography services. Ticking the ‘I have read the T&Cs and I am happy to proceed’ checkbox on the website,identifies a legal commitment by you (collectively referred to below as “client”, “you”, “your” or “customer”) agrees to pay (referred to in this agreement as “” or “the Company”) for the services and/or products provided by in full. As the Client, we send you a payment link via email after your online registration and communications with a member of our team. This email will contain the costs payable by you through our secure online payment system. Clicking ‘Accept’ (or ticking the checkbox) indicates that you have read and agree to the terms below. This Agreement will be supported by the Project Brief (which is where will record your requirements for the Project).

1. EXCLUSIVITY: shall be the only videography service provider retained by the Client for the Project in question. Family and friends of Client shall be permitted to videotape the Project, for non-commercial purposes, provided that such person or persons do not interfere with the videographer’s duties. If, in the opinion of the assigned videographer, such person or persons are inhibiting the videographer from performing his or her duties, the Client shall require the person interfering with the videographer to stop all further videotaping.

2. VIDEOGRAPHER: shall assign a videographer from its staff pool exclusively to your project. If necessary, assistants to such videographers shall attend the Project. reserves the right to change any initial assignment and substitute staff members at any time due to illness.

3. ILLNESS AND UNEXPECTED PROJECTS: METVPresents.comwill not be liable to you under any circumstances if its performance is prevented or impaired due to war, insurrection, strikes, walk-outs, riots, fire, acts of God, including adverse weather conditions and earthquakes, shortages or unavailability of labour or materials, laws or governmental restrictions which conflict with the terms of this Agreement, or any other matter beyond the reasonable control of In the event of any unanticipated videographer illness METVPresents.comshall make reasonable efforts to substitute another competent professional. If another videographer cannot be assigned in time for the Project, METVPresents.comshall promptly return to you all fees previously paid by youand shall then have no further liability with respect to this Agreement. METVPresents.comreserves the right to decline outdoor videotaping in the event of inclement weather. As the client, you are responsible for providing an alternate nearby location in the event of inclement weather.

4. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: Clicking ‘Accept’ below indicates that you recognize it is extremely difficult and impractical to ascertain the extent of damage caused in the event of a breach on the part of Therefore, the parties agree that in the event of any breach arising from the negligence or other unintentional conduct of, including, without limitation, any damage to or loss of any videotape footage or photographs, you shall be entitled to the following: IN THE EVENT OF DAMAGE TO OR LOSS OF ANY VIDEOTAPE FOOTAGE: A percentage reduction in the price of the video package, based upon the amount of actual tape-time which has been damaged, lost or not captured. You would then receive the final product, containing the footage from the Project, which was captured, not lost or damaged.

5. NON-REFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEES: A deposit of at least 50% of the total project cost (which is outlined withinthepayment link that will be sent to via email after your online registration) is required to initiate any METVPresents.comservices with you. Ticking the ‘I have read the T&Cs and I am happy to proceed’ checkbox on the website is also a pre-requisite of engaging in any business activities with you, the client. Once the Agreement is signed and the deposit is paid, METVPresents.comshall reserve the time and date agreed upon for the Project and will not make other reservations that will conflict with that date or time. For this reason, all reservation fees are non-refundable.

Our project fees start from £495.
The payment schedule we will maintain with clients is as follows:
1. Initial 50% project cost deposit - you provide us with your budget and your project details, we then calculate the project costs and provide you with a quote and a secure payment link sent to you via email. Once the quotation (project cost) has been paid by you, we will commence work on your project.
2. Remaining 50% project cost – the remaining balance is due after the filming and editing process is complete. Once our Project Manager has presented the project video to you and you have signed the Project Completion Form, we will then request the remaining funds through the use of and a secure payment link sent to you via email.

7. CHANGE IN DATE, TIME OR PACKAGE SELECTION: You may upgrade your package (or Social Media Package) selection at any time until the day of the Project. However, under no circumstances shall Client be permitted to change its selection to a lower-priced package. In case of a change in the time or date of the Project, METVPresents.comshall make reasonable efforts to accommodate the change. However, if the new time or date conflicts with’sexisting schedule, METVPresents.comreserves the right to terminate this Agreement. In the case of such termination, Client shall forfeit any previous non-refundable deposits.

8. COMPLETION OF FINAL PRODUCT: The entire editing process, from time of scheduling to receipt of the final product is normally 1-3 weeks (depending on the complexity of customer requests), at which time the Client will receive contact from the Videographer to present video drafts to you (with a company watermark). You are entitled to suggest improvements to the content presented, though a there is a maximum of two attempts permitted for Project Managers to edit your content. If an edit does not reach your expectations, even after the second attempt, METVPresents.coma Director will attempt to re-edit your Project within 3 weeks. We will require the remaining fees to release the video to you.

9. PUBLICITY RIGHTS/PROMOTIONAL USE OF IMAGES: The parties agree that METVPresents.commay use images and content from the Client’s Project for commercial use, including, without limitation, promotional videos for exhibition to other potential clients of

10. MODIFICATIONS: This Agreement constitutes the sole and exclusive agreement between the parties regarding the services and products to be provided by METVPresents.comin connection with the Project. It is intended by each party to constitute the final written memorandum of all of their agreements and understandings in this agreement. No covenants, warranties, and/or representations, expressed or implied, and no promises or prior agreements whatsoever have been made, agreed to, or entered into by the parties hereto which are not expressly set forth above. If either party to this Agreement has attempted to make such covenants, warranties, and/or representations, promises or prior agreements, they are each superseded hereby and waived. Any waivers, terminations, amendments or modifications of, or additions to, this Agreement must be in writing signed by the party against which the enforcement of such writing is sought.

11. CREATIVE CLAUSE: It is understood that METVPresents.comis the exclusive official videographer retained by the Client to cover this Project. METVPresents.comis granted full editorial, production and content control by the Client regarding all aspects of the production and post-production services. In the case a particular segment of the Project is either not recorded, partially recorded, or not a part of the edited master tape, it is at the sole discretion of METVPresents.comas the exclusive Producer of the Project’s video recording. If something occurred at the Project that Client does not want to appear on the final edited videotape, the Client must instruct METVPresents.comwithin one week of the Project’s recording. Any requests for changes to the final edited master videotape that are not the result of errors by METVPresents.comand are outside the three permitted attempts will be made at the current rate of £50 per hour for editing. METVPresents.comcannot guarantee video or audio quality due to restrictions imposed at and/or by the Project location. METVPresents.comwill attempt to find suitable filming locations based on your description though we cannot interrupt or interfere with current events or dangerous conditions in any way to correct less than satisfactory shooting conditions. METVPresents.comretains the exclusive right to edit all videotapes.

12. THE EXECUTIVE PACKAGE:In selecting this Package, the customer agrees to the terms of this Agreement entirely as well as the terms identified in this section. reserve the right to display all content we produce on our website and on our YouTube Chanel. The performance of this content on social media platforms will be monitored and provided to you as a data report. ‘£0.60 x Number of Web Leads = Our Fee’ ‘Web Leads’ are the amount of people that watched the video produced by for the client and used the hyperlink at the end of the video to visit your website. We charge you £0.60 per referral click. For example, if your video received 5k views on YouTube and 800 people used the link to your company website at the end of the video. Our charge would be £480. Payment is due within 30 days of the Video’s online release date. On this date, tracking of the video’s social media performance will seize and the customer will only be charged for the referral click within this 30-day period. An email will be sent to you containing a payment link, a report on your video’s data and an invoice for the work undertaken on your Project.

13. ADDITIONAL SERVICES: These are some of the additional services we offer that you may want to include. Please indicate if you want these services to the member of the Team at the earliest opportunity. Plans and reports will be sent to you once your video’s performance data has been collected.

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